Ford Explorer Won’t Crank Starter Problem Jacksonville Mobile Mechanic

Ford Explorer Won’t Crank Starter Problem Jacksonville Mobile Mechanic

Ford Explorer Will Not Start how to find out if it’s starter failure that makes your car won’t Crank one click Jacksonville Mobile Mechanic we come to you at home or apartment, your job, house or business location as well as pre purchase used vehicle buying evaluation inspection near me St Augustine, orange park, Duval, St. Johns County Florida call me now at 904-712-9860

Hey guys what’s up? Today I’m going to do this video and this video is about my car not starting. So I had no issue starting this car this morning. I drove it around for maybe 10, 15 miles, parked it and I get into my car, try to start it and it does not start. I’m going to show you what it does. You guys hear that noise? It’s one single click. So I mean everything else works the lights works, the battery works, the battery works well, the lights work, the blower motor on the AC and the heating works, everything works, the headlights are not dim at all, the radio works.

The blower motor is going full speed and I’m just trying to figure out what the issue is. I thought it was the battery, I cleared the terminals, the contacts and that’s not the issue. I had somebody to try to jump start it, that’s not the issue. So I’m just going to assume it’s either the relay, the starter relay or the starter itself and I don’t know why.

I would be amazed if it’s the starter considering that I changed that maybe last summer which is close to a year ago and it’s just a year. So, but I mean that might be the defective I’m not sure but I’ll let you guys know what the issue is. I thought it might’ve been the brake sensor that’s on the bottom. You guys seen videos of it? But that’s not the problem either because I changed that up and it’s doing the same thing.

So I’ll keep you guys updated on this if I find out what the issue is but I’m going to guess that it’s either the relay to the starter itself. Funny thing is Ia lot of people, I’ve actually done searches on it on Google right now, a couple of minutes ago just to check out, see what the symptoms are and they say that the relay rarely fails. I mean it’s normally the starter but the relay rarely fails so it might be a starter I’m not sure. But if it is I’ll keep you guys posted.

Hey guys, what’s up? So yeah, just to let you guys know the issue was actually the starter and I had a suspicion that it was the starter but had that changed out. I only had that, I had that changed out last summer probably around June of last summer so that starter lasted me less than a year which is pretty much ridiculous to me because these should last for quite a while like more than a couple of years.

So that one click was the starter and it wasn’t the relay because when the mechanic tested it out he did notice that the relay, that the starter itself was making a clicking sound. And as long as you hear something clicking from the starter you pretty much know that it’s not the relay because there is juice going to the starter itself but it’s just not turning over. So if you guys got that issue, well at least on this issue on this car it was the starter so.

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